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son pari episode 241
By Star Classics
93.427 weergaven
Maya conspires to grab the property registered in the name of Princy. Maya leaves Princy home alone. Princy goes into the home ...
son pari episode 243
By Star Classics
74.297 weergaven
Bunty, Twinkle and Fruity become smaller due to effect of Bunty's invented machine. Deepak expresses his wrong intention in ...
son pari episode 242
By Star Classics
76.539 weergaven
Princy leaves a snake beside the ladder. The terrified goon falls down from the ladder seeing a snake. Criminal boss ties a rope to ...
son pari episode 240
By Star Classics
181.499 weergaven
Fruity rubs the magic diamond and Sona arrives there to save. Sona ushers magic on Hug monster but it doesn't work on the ...
pari ep 241 pari mega serial odia sarthak tv 2015
By SarthakTV
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Click here to watch all episodes of Pari – Mega Serial ...
son pari episode 180
By Star Classics
122.083 weergaven
Altamash facilitates Sona's arrangements in Paristan. Pari Ma becomes elated on seeing the same. Fruity hesitates participating ...
son pari episode 222
By Star Classics
114.117 weergaven
The Principal announces Fruity's name as the best student of the year. Rocky and Diana plan to spoil Fruity's name in the school.
son pari episode 112
By Star Classics
89.852 weergaven
Altu repents for getting Kali Pari out. Kali Pari comes to know that Sona is a human. Kali Pari converts Altu into a chicken. Kali Pari ...
son pari episode 215
By Star Classics
93.198 weergaven
Chiku tells Fruity about Sona. Fruity tells her friends that they have to go to Marina Beach. Deepak is astonished when Sona tells ...
son pari episode 211
By Star Classics
156.558 weergaven
Fruity gets nervous when she has a horrifying nightmare. Fruity complains to her class teacher about Rocky and Dyana.
son pari episode 236
By Star Classics
144.390 weergaven
Altu tells Princy that he has come here to know the secret behind her vision. Cruela detects Altu in Tiwari house and she wants to ...
son pari episode 248
By Star Classics
121.535 weergaven
Fruity and her friends plan to go to Alibaug with Princy. Masi suggests Maya to send Princy inside the witch's bungalow. Masi and ...
son pari episode 233
By Star Classics
126.319 weergaven
Kalawati visits Rohit's house with Bunti and Bubli. Bunty and Bubli make fun of Fruity. Bubli takes Fruity's clothes and makes fun of ...
son pari episode 252
By Star Classics
106.155 weergaven
Sona informs everyone that Princy is the queen of the temple and the reason she sent Fruity to the temple. Zarrakh traps Sona and ...
son pari episode 247
By Star Classics
88.971 weergaven
Reni and Ria plans to implicate Princy in a conspiracy. Bindu accuses Princy for all the wrong doing. Bindu carries Princy on a ...
son pari episode 124
By Star Classics
114.053 weergaven
Badimaa asks her to go and get Banumati ka Pitara for her fifth mission. To get Banumati ka Pitara, Fruity has to go through many ...
son pari episode 264
By Star Classics
74.543 weergaven
Notwithstanding Fruity's mischiefs tribesman decide to punish Fruity, Rohit and her friends. Arjun tries his best to find Fruity's bag ...
son pari episode 257
By Star Classics
101.249 weergaven
Suraj takes the book from who someone who isn't able to perform magic in the presence of Bebo. Nani disguised as security ...
son pari episode 16
By Star Classics
44.361 weergaven
Rohit requests Appy to return home after he calls Rohit. Rohit promises not to scold the kids when they return. Ruby's mother asks ...
son pari episode 263
By Star Classics
77.105 weergaven
Rohit and Fruity's friends are hunting for Fruity who is lost in forest. Fruity is muddled and is threatened by tribesman. Rohit along ...