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son pari episode 199
By Star Classics
77.107 weergaven
Deepak tells Rohit about his plans to opening the school. Fruity criticizes Deepak by asking him tables. Deepak and Pandeyji plan ...
son pari episode 198
By Star Classics
110.901 weergaven
Rohit finds the truth about Fruity. Rohit and Fruity heads to the resort. Cruel makes everyone sleep with her magical powers.
son pari episode 200
By Star Classics
136.756 weergaven
Altu helps Jeff in the boxing competition. Fruity tells Rohit about Christmas party in the school. Rocky's father donates one lakh for ...
son pari episode 201
By Star Classics
165.593 weergaven
Pandeyji finds the stolen charity money in Fruity's bag. Principal restricts Fruity from the school. Altu comes as a joker to help Fruity ...
son pari episode 156
By Star Classics
142.827 weergaven
Witch asks mirror to show her the most beautiful girl in the world and it shows Snow-White. Witch asks her guards to kill ...
son pari episode 123
By Star Classics
110.980 weergaven
Sultan abducts Fruity, wanting Maduras from her. Jeff and Jennifer make a plan to save Fruity from Sultan and his followers.
son pari episode 204
By Star Classics
71.813 weergaven
Rohit, Fruity and Dada are surprised to see Chiku in the car. Sonpari and Altu come inside the dungeon to resolve the water ...
son pari episode 50
By Star Classics
64.606 weergaven
Fruity brings a book from Jengu Baba's laboratory in which techniques are written to make dead people alive. Professor Josalkar ...
son pari episode 196
By Star Classics
86.409 weergaven
Sonpari and Cruel exchange their body's with the help of their magical powers. Sonpari and Cruel kills Bhatkal. Tooty and Altu ...
son pari episode 183
By Star Classics
109.438 weergaven
Kidnappers snatch diamond from Fruity. Danny attempts to steal Shalimar diamond with the help of security guard. Police orders ...
son pari episode 185
By Star Classics
85.711 weergaven
Danny tries to attack Tooty, but in vain. His boss overhears Fruity's statement when she informs the police about her kidnapping.
son pari episode 176
By Star Classics
53.688 weergaven
Inspector Arunima tries her best to rescue Yash. She reveals to Kulkarni and Fruity about Thapa after seeing his picture and ...
son pari episode 151
By Star Classics
91.917 weergaven
Nashika, a witch takes Unicorn's horns and all the angels are worried about that. Nashika feels happy as she gets Unicorn's horns ...
son pari episode 154
By Star Classics
123.901 weergaven
Rohit looking at stars remembers his wife and Fruity and gets emotional. Rohit tries to console Fruity and narrates Cinderella's ...
son pari episode 177
By Star Classics
124.024 weergaven
The miscreants horrify on being attacked by Altamash and Sona. They gain magical power in them. Inspector Arunima arrests the ...
son pari episode 126
By Star Classics
164.083 weergaven
Son Pari uses all her power and strength to get Fruity back from the dark territory. Rohit plans for Fruity and her friends, they go for ...
son pari episode 155
By Star Classics
90.440 weergaven
Fruity stops Prince from marrying Cinderella's sister. Commander and others are confused as in whom to choose as a Princess ...
son pari episode 131
By Star Classics
79.329 weergaven
Deepak kidnaps Fruity. Sona and Altu rescue her. Altu becomes the mask and fools Deepak. Rohit, Julie and Fruity leave to the ...
son pari episode 184
By Star Classics
79.314 weergaven
Tooty desperately searches for Fruity. She suspects her apprehension by the miscreants. Meanwhile Danny and Drago kidnap ...
son pari episode 203
By Star Classics
77.153 weergaven
Rohit and Dada are surprised to see Chiku in Fruity's room. Chiku hides the phones. Unknowingly Deepak sits on cactus tree.