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son pari episode 199
By Star Classics
73.948 weergaven
Deepak tells Rohit about his plans to opening the school. Fruity criticizes Deepak by asking him tables. Deepak and Pandeyji plan ...
son pari episode 198
By Star Classics
105.900 weergaven
Rohit finds the truth about Fruity. Rohit and Fruity heads to the resort. Cruel makes everyone sleep with her magical powers.
son pari episode 200
By Star Classics
131.534 weergaven
Altu helps Jeff in the boxing competition. Fruity tells Rohit about Christmas party in the school. Rocky's father donates one lakh for ...
son pari episode 201
By Star Classics
157.754 weergaven
Pandeyji finds the stolen charity money in Fruity's bag. Principal restricts Fruity from the school. Altu comes as a joker to help Fruity ...
son pari episode 156
By Star Classics
137.249 weergaven
Witch asks mirror to show her the most beautiful girl in the world and it shows Snow-White. Witch asks her guards to kill ...
son pari episode 123
By Star Classics
106.357 weergaven
Sultan abducts Fruity, wanting Maduras from her. Jeff and Jennifer make a plan to save Fruity from Sultan and his followers.
son pari episode 186
By Star Classics
91.038 weergaven
Sona and Altamash rescue Fruity from the miscreants. Fruity pays her gratitude to Tooty, Sona, and Altamash for rescuing her life.
son pari episode 222
By Star Classics
108.726 weergaven
The Principal announces Fruity's name as the best student of the year. Rocky and Diana plan to spoil Fruity's name in the school.
son pari episode 242
By Star Classics
73.112 weergaven
Princy leaves a snake beside the ladder. The terrified goon falls down from the ladder seeing a snake. Criminal boss ties a rope to ...
son pari episode 164
By Star Classics
55.665 weergaven
Fruity introduces Naina to Rohit and tells how she has helped Fruity in winning the game. Sonpari and Altamash discuss about ...
son pari episode 159
By Star Classics
81.132 weergaven
Fruity enters into the house where Hansel and Gretel is captured by a blind witch. Jeff,Yash,Khujli and Jimmy search for Fruity but ...
son pari episode 236
By Star Classics
137.772 weergaven
Altu tells Princy that he has come here to know the secret behind her vision. Cruela detects Altu in Tiwari house and she wants to ...
son pari episode 189
By Star Classics
162.494 weergaven
Altamash and Sona succeed in rescuing Fruity from Mukhauta. Sona is upset with Tooty, as she can not take care of Fruity on the ...
son pari episode 182
By Star Classics
106.005 weergaven
Sona rescues Fruity and Tooty from Nashika and Cruella while they take help of a demon power to kill them. Fruity praises ...
son pari episode 245
By Star Classics
105.580 weergaven
A crab chases Bunty and Fruity assuming them as insect. Bunty and Fruity reach home driving a toy car. They hide inside the ...
son pari episode 238
By Star Classics
104.823 weergaven
Altu arrives at animation world with Princy. Ding Dong informs Fruity that Goblin's den is nearby that big oak tree. Fruity drinks the ...
son pari episode 196
By Star Classics
83.269 weergaven
Sonpari and Cruel exchange their body's with the help of their magical powers. Sonpari and Cruel kills Bhatkal. Tooty and Altu ...
son pari episode 180
By Star Classics
116.742 weergaven
Altamash facilitates Sona's arrangements in Paristan. Pari Ma becomes elated on seeing the same. Fruity hesitates participating ...
son pari episode 247
By Star Classics
85.249 weergaven
Reni and Ria plans to implicate Princy in a conspiracy. Bindu accuses Princy for all the wrong doing. Bindu carries Princy on a ...
son pari episode 151
By Star Classics
88.471 weergaven
Nashika, a witch takes Unicorn's horns and all the angels are worried about that. Nashika feels happy as she gets Unicorn's horns ...

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