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shararat episode 169
By Star Classics
112.911 weergaven
Jiya's colleague's sees her appear by magic in the office and so she erases their memory. Rani Devi informs Nani and Radha ...
shararat episode 170
By Star Classics
152.332 weergaven
Nani and Radha tries to find out the details of the other Indian fairy but their magic bounces back. Dhruv plans a picnic with Raja ...
shararat episode 171
By Star Classics
108.002 weergaven
Nani encourages Jiya for the world championship. Nani fools Suraj by letting him feel that even he can perform magic. Nani and ...
shararat episode 192
By Star Classics
168.620 weergaven
Sushma decides to get disguised as Dhruv to make Jiya happy. Jiya is happy on Dhruv's arrival. Dhruv proposes Jiya for marriage ...
shararat episode 144
By Star Classics
151.357 weergaven
Nani shares her good old days and shows her family photo album to Jiya. Nani takes Jiya to flashback. Nani tells Sushma about ...
shararat ep 169 part 2
By salina294
4.975 weergaven
shararat ep- 169 part 2
shararat episode 101
By Star Classics
123.428 weergaven
Jiya explains Bebo about Christmas. Sushma sets up a Christmas tree in the house. Bebo plans to gift Sushma and Jiya for her ...
shararat episode 145
By Star Classics
101.199 weergaven
Suraj and Jiya praise Nani for her cooking talent. Jiya finds the secret of Nani by using her magic powers. Baba Short tells Shanti ...
shararat episode 43
By Star Classics
166.123 weergaven
Nani guides Jiya and Meeta with the tactics to attract boys. Nani gives a plan to Jiya and Meeta for Dhruv and raja respectively.
shararat episode 42
By Star Classics
115.833 weergaven
Since Parminder is transformed in to an apple by Jiya, she is missing in the drama practice. All are searching for Parminder, while ...
shararat episode 165
By Star Classics
138.426 weergaven
Suraj takes the book from who someone who isn't able to perform magic in the presence of Bebo. Nani disguised as security ...
shararat episode 180
By Star Classics
122.045 weergaven
Nani is upset that Jiya couldn't spend time with her after she has started working. With the help of magic, Nani shifts Jiya's office to ...
shararat episode 190
By Star Classics
100.285 weergaven
Colonel enters Suraj's body and apologizes to Sushma. Suraj gets upset with the magic and ghosts. Jiya decides to remove the ...
shararat episode 88
By Star Classics
127.420 weergaven
Jiya is upset with her failures to perform magic and requests Rani Devi to make her a perfect pari. Rani Devi makes Jiya a perfect ...
shararat episode 119
By Star Classics
104.324 weergaven
Dhruv is worried for Jiya when he receives her call. Jiya is shocked when she hears her own voice on the phone. Nani tries to find ...
shararat episode 175
By Star Classics
76.116 weergaven
Shanti asks Suraj to become her business partner in her new airlines business. Pritika scares Suraj and Shanti by playing prank ...
shararat episode 141
By Star Classics
108.548 weergaven
Rani Maa tells Nani about Jiya's graduation. Rani Maa gives a task to Jiya. Suraj falls unconscious after his future. Jiya tells Nani ...
shararat episode 55
By Star Classics
151.726 weergaven
Jiya helps her friend with the campaign for the class representative elections. Jiya uses magic to embarrass Pam in front of her ...
shararat episode 132
By Star Classics
185.595 weergaven
Nani and Suraj poke fun at Jiya's hair style. Jiya refuses to take Nani's help. Jiya is shocked when she sees Raj and Dhruv's hair ...
shararat episode 178
By Star Classics
62.909 weergaven
Pritam Singh is happy to see Nani and shares his memories about her with all of them. Nani plans to blackmail Pritam Singh and ...