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shararat episode 169
By Star Classics
107.160 weergaven
Jiya's colleague's sees her appear by magic in the office and so she erases their memory. Rani Devi informs Nani and Radha ...
shararat episode 170
By Star Classics
142.858 weergaven
Nani and Radha tries to find out the details of the other Indian fairy but their magic bounces back. Dhruv plans a picnic with Raja ...
shararat episode 171
By Star Classics
101.263 weergaven
Nani encourages Jiya for the world championship. Nani fools Suraj by letting him feel that even he can perform magic. Nani and ...
shararat episode 121
By Star Classics
96.314 weergaven
Jiya is delighted as her exams are over. Jiya tries to convince her friends to come with her camping. Suraj informs Nani that he ...
shararat episode 144
By Star Classics
142.016 weergaven
Nani shares her good old days and shows her family photo album to Jiya. Nani takes Jiya to flashback. Nani tells Sushma about ...
shararat episode 97
By Star Classics
124.529 weergaven
Bebo tells Jiya to take her to the shopping mall. Dhruv is worried about his results of the history test. Bebo makes Sushma a parrot ...
shararat episode 2
By Star Classics
198.418 weergaven
Nani tells Jiya that she will turn back Pam to the normal state. Brinjal (Pam) gets mixed up with the other brinjals at home.
shararat episode 101
By Star Classics
116.131 weergaven
Jiya explains Bebo about Christmas. Sushma sets up a Christmas tree in the house. Bebo plans to gift Sushma and Jiya for her ...
shararat episode 165
By Star Classics
131.396 weergaven
Suraj takes the book from who someone who isn't able to perform magic in the presence of Bebo. Nani disguised as security ...
shararat episode 88
By Star Classics
119.320 weergaven
Jiya is upset with her failures to perform magic and requests Rani Devi to make her a perfect pari. Rani Devi makes Jiya a perfect ...
shararat episode 21
By Star Classics
114.788 weergaven
Jiya plans to meet Dhruv. Meeta wants Jiya to make Raja understand her love for Raja. At the same time Grandma wants Jiya to ...
shararat episode 129
By Star Classics
85.402 weergaven
Nani rants at family members for wasting the water. Nani decides to teach them a lesson. Suraj is shocked when Nani tells him ...
shararat episode 42
By Star Classics
108.425 weergaven
Since Parminder is transformed in to an apple by Jiya, she is missing in the drama practice. All are searching for Parminder, while ...
shararat episode 116
By Star Classics
82.403 weergaven
Bebo gets a gift for friendship day from Tina, Bebo hides the special gift in her cupboard. Jiya finds those special fruits and ...
shararat episode 180
By Star Classics
114.865 weergaven
Nani is upset that Jiya couldn't spend time with her after she has started working. With the help of magic, Nani shifts Jiya's office to ...
shararat episode 117
By Star Classics
97.758 weergaven
Nani doesn't feel sleepy and disturbs her grand children and son-in-law. Suraj and her children decide to make their Nani sleep ...
shararat episode 125
By Star Classics
87.462 weergaven
Jiya calls Nani as her magic goes wrong. Jiya tells Nani that she was not able to prepare mango shake as there is power cut.
shararat episode 56
By Star Classics
170.637 weergaven
Suraj informs Nani that he missed his flight. Jiya is excited as Nani grants her permission to go for the party. Radha and Nani ...
shararat episode 91
By Star Classics
131.568 weergaven
Dhruv, Meeta and Raja bluff Jiya about their project for the exhibition. Jiya is hurt about everyone lying and making fun of her.
shararat episode 20
By Star Classics
112.495 weergaven
Pam's plan to chock Jiya's voice works out. Everyone in the family is worried about Jiya's chocked voice. Jiya asks Dhruv, Raja ...

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