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shararat episode 135
By Star Classics
179.189 weergaven
Jiya tells about her dream to Nani. Nani slaps Pam with her magic powers. Nani teaches a lesson to Shanti for her behavior.
shararat episode 138
By Star Classics
126.947 weergaven
Suraj gets angry on Jiya and her friends for misusing credit card. Suraj comes to the bank and shouts at bank manager by seeing ...
shararat episode 136
By Star Classics
107.078 weergaven
Nani makes of fun Suraj over his cooking talent. Suraj tells Nani about becoming a chef. Bebo hypnotizes Pam. Jiya asks Nani to ...
shararat episode 137
By Star Classics
135.854 weergaven
Shanti irritates Nani by asking her household things. Shanti is surprised to see Kobra in the Malhotra house. Kobra enquires ...
shararat episode 140
By Star Classics
111.526 weergaven
Nani gets suspicious. while coming to house. Thief Kidnaps Shanti and Pam as they are Malhotra family members. Nani and Jiya ...
shararat episode 126
By Star Classics
91.515 weergaven
Jiya tells Nani that her chemistry teacher is very boring. She requests Nani to help her. Nani tells Jiya that she will become her ...
shararat episode 132
By Star Classics
183.185 weergaven
Nani and Suraj poke fun at Jiya's hair style. Jiya refuses to take Nani's help. Jiya is shocked when she sees Raj and Dhruv's hair ...
shararat episode 129
By Star Classics
91.036 weergaven
Nani rants at family members for wasting the water. Nani decides to teach them a lesson. Suraj is shocked when Nani tells him ...
shararat episode 39
By Star Classics
211.730 weergaven
Sushma is interrupted while praying by Shanti. Sushma gets irritated by Shanti's activities and uses magic on her to transform her ...
shararat episode 20
By Star Classics
119.796 weergaven
Pam's plan to chock Jiya's voice works out. Everyone in the family is worried about Jiya's chocked voice. Jiya asks Dhruv, Raja ...
shararat episode 13
By Star Classics
178.085 weergaven
Jai is in his best mischievous state. Suraj's senior Dr. Chadda is coming home for lunch. Radha is all ready to serve the guests.
shararat episode 192
By Star Classics
165.696 weergaven
Sushma decides to get disguised as Dhruv to make Jiya happy. Jiya is happy on Dhruv's arrival. Dhruv proposes Jiya for marriage ...
shararat episode 91
By Star Classics
138.861 weergaven
Dhruv, Meeta and Raja bluff Jiya about their project for the exhibition. Jiya is hurt about everyone lying and making fun of her.
shararat episode 62
By Star Classics
167.653 weergaven
Parminder introduces Rohit to her friends. Nani transforms Shanti to a rat. Jiya, Dhruv, Parminder and Rohit participate in college ...
shararat episode 56
By Star Classics
181.064 weergaven
Suraj informs Nani that he missed his flight. Jiya is excited as Nani grants her permission to go for the party. Radha and Nani ...
shararat episode 2
By Star Classics
210.886 weergaven
Nani tells Jiya that she will turn back Pam to the normal state. Brinjal (Pam) gets mixed up with the other brinjals at home.
shararat episode 167
By Star Classics
75.201 weergaven
Nani gives Jiya a magical tiffin box. Jiya encourage her boss and assures him that they all will work hard to get the project.
shararat episode 49
By Star Classics
113.306 weergaven
Jai wishes Magic pencil as her Christmas gift. All discuss about the Christmas presents. Jiya is worried as Parminder wants Dhruv ...
shararat episode 84
By Star Classics
131.039 weergaven
Nani asks Jiya to lie that the sweets they will be offering to Rani Devi are made by Jiya and not by magic. Rani Devi gives Jiya a ...
shararat episode 110
By Star Classics
114.545 weergaven
Jiya is upset that Dhruv didn't call her after coming back from the training camp. Dhruv hides the fact that his basket ball coach ...