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punarvivaah watch full episode 150 of 14th september 2012
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In the September 14 episode of Punar Vivaah, Aarti recollects the moments when she and Yash had consummated their marriage.
punarvivaah watch full episode 151 of 17th september 2012
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In the September 17 episode of Punar Vivaah, Yash holds Aarti responsible for tricking him in order to get intimate with him.
punarvivaah watch full episode 215 of 14th december 2012
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In the December 14 episode of Punarvivah, the Sindhiya bahus gushes on Yash's drunken state. Yash tries to express his love to ...
punarvivaah watch full episode 149 of 13th september 2012
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In the September 13 episode of Punar Vivaah, Aarti and Yash get high on bhang. Aarti finds a video footage in her cellphone.
sapne suhane ladakpan ke watch full episode 86 of 14th september 2012
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In the September 14 episode of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, Sandya replaces Rachna in the team. Gunjan asks Shail to send
punarvivaah watch full episode 193 of 14th november 2012
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In the November 14 episode of Punar Vivah, Aarti asks Prashant about his health to which he replies that he is fine and he is now ...
punarvivaah watch full episode 159 of 27th september 2012
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In the September 27 episode of Punar Vivaah, Aarti decides to inform Yash about her pregnancy. She deliberately keeps her ...
pavitra rishta watch full episode 871 of 14th september 2012
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In the September 14 episode of Pavitra Rishta, Sachin offers to help Archana to fill water. Savita feels bad as Manav and his ...
punarvivaah watch full episode 152 of 18th september 2012
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In the September 18 episode of Punar Vivaah, Aarti and Yash miss each other. They also recollect the moments they spent with ...
punarvivaah watch full episode 160 of 28th september 2012
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In the September 28 Mahaepisode of Punar Vivaah, Gayatri asks Aarti to invite Shobha for saptami puja. The gynecologist tells ...
punarvivaah watch full episode 148 of 12th september 2012
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In the September 12 episode of Punar Vivaah, Gayatri asks Aarti to return to the Scindia residence as Yash misses the children.
punarvivaah watch full episode 142 of 4th september 2012
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Aarti tells Vidhi and the rest of the family that Aman is her college friend and Yash did not mind their friendship. She also tells the ...
punarvivaah episode 127 14th august 2012
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Yash and Aarti return home. Watch latest "Punarvivaah" Episodes.
punarvivaah watch full episode 155 of 21st september 2012
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In the September 21 episode of Punar Vivaah, Yash, who is badly wounded, believes that he could see Arpita. Arpita motivates ...
punarvivaah watch full episode 147 of 11th september 2012
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Shobha gets furious when Satyendra states that Aarti could reunite with Prashant if Yash leaves her. Satyendra tries to make ...
punarvivaah watch full episode 153 of 19th september 2012
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In the September 19 episode of Punar Vivaah, Yash decides to participate in the boxing competition to repent his mistake of ...
hitler didi watch full episode 222 of 14th september 2012
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In the September 14 episode of Hitler Didi, Rishi realises that Indira's photograph is missing from his wallet. He believes that he ...
punarvivaah watch full episode 144 of 6th september 2012
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Gayatri tries her best to make Aarti accept whether she had got intimate with Aman. Maya states that Aarti does not have evidence ...
punarvivaah watch full episode 157 of 25th september 2012
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In the September 25 episode of Punar Vivaah, Aarti gets apprehensive when Yash questions her why she was visiting the ...
punarvivaah watch full episode 145 of 7th september 2012
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Shobha gets shocked when her husband informs her that Prashant had called. Shobha and Aarti get shocked when Ansh states ...