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amira 9 verbijstert iedereen met opera hollands got talent
By RTL Talent
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Amira is wel een beetje zenuwachtig, ze heeft nog nooit voor zo'n groot publiek gestaan. Ze zingt de sterren van de hemel en ...
mirusia sings ave maria an example of good practice for amira
By Talented Young Musicians
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The first part of this video shows Amira Willighagen receiving an invitation from André Rieu to attend a Master Class in singing at ...
amira willighagen 9 sings nessun dorma at hollands got talent final 2013
By TFE niname
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Amira Willighagen age 9 Sings NESSUN DORMA at the final of Holland'sGot Talent 2013.and is the winner. NESSUN DORMA ...
amira willighagen andre rieu o mio babbino caro vrijthof concert 2014
By TFE niname
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BETTER QUALITY VIDEO - - AUDIENCE IN TEARS and STANDING OVATION when 10 years old opera singer Amira Willighagen ...
the voice kids ph blind audition amira sings wrecking ball july 11 2015 season 2
By The Voice Kidz Season 2 2015
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The Voice Kids Ph Blind Audition Amira Sings "Wrecking Ball" July 11, 2015 Season 2 The Voice Kids Philippines The Voice Kids ...
opera singer amira willighagen and andre rieu live o mio babbino caro full version hd
By TFE niname
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Holland's Got Talent 2013 Winner 9 years old Amira Willighagen & André Riue in a live concert - O Mio Babbino Caro - full version ...
amira willighagen sings at home for english speaking viewers
By Talented Young Musicians
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Amira is interviewed at home shortly after her appearance on Holland's Got Talent. During this interview she demonstrates her ...
amira willighagen singing duet with alma deutscher from almas opera cinderella
By Amira Willighagen | Official
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Alma Deutscher, an amazing 9-year old composer, pianist and violinist, performing together with Amira at a UNICEF Gala under ...
amira willighagen sings live opera at television action philippines 11 18 2013
By TFE niname
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Amira Willighagen zingt live O Mio Babbino Caro tijdens de Nationale aktie voor de Fillipijnen. Amira is de 9 jarige opera ...
9 year old amira sings ave maria hollands got talent 2013
By Epic Fails 427
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The already famous 9 year old Amira from Holland's Got Talent sings Ave Maria. Live shows 21/12/13 RTL 4 IF YOU LIKE IT, ...
amira willighagen sings live nella fantasia may 11 2014
By TFE niname
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Live Nella Fantasia by opera singer Amira Willighagen Age:10 Amira won at age 9 Holland's Got Talent 2013 with the opera ...
amira 9 opera singer of hollands got talent sings at home
By TFE niname
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Holland's Got Talent star Opera Singer Amira Willighagen age 9 singing and interviewed at home. Reortage Omroep Gelderland ...
amira kodcia ayeb sings to chris browns music
By MsYouTV Susan
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Amira Kodcia Ayeb, the crazy lady who broke into Chris Brown's home is clearly a true fan. Her You Tube account has her ...
opera singer amira willighagen 9 sings interviewd and opens playground and more
By TFE niname
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Amira Willighagen sings O Mio Babbino Caro, interviewd and opens a playground in South Africa. Also Ave Maria by Amira, Maria ...
amira willighagen interviewed and sings for unicef action dutch tv 16 july 2014
By TFE niname
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Amira Willighagen 10 year old opera singer interviewed and sings at Dutch Action for UNICEF July 16 2014 Interview text ...
luciano pavarotti amira willighagen singing live nessun dorma
By TFE niname
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Luciano Pavarotti and Dutch opera singer Amira Willighagen singing Nessun Dorma.
amira willighagen live in studio sings babbino interview
By TFE niname
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Amira sings live O Mio Babbino Caro and is interviewed Amira speaks in South African language. All spoken text availible on the ...
bachs ave maria singing by maria callas amira willighagen connie talbot
By TFE niname
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Bach's / Gounod's AVE MARIA by Amira Willighagen (9) Maria Callas (adult) & Connie Talbot (8) Amira maby the next Maria ...
amira i have a dream
By AmiraFans
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Amira sings ABBA's "I Have A Dream" in the Ultimative Chart Show from RTL Germany.
amira willighagen sings o mio babbino caro on the complimentary breakfast
By Jacaranda FM
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Only 9 years of age and already on her way to becoming one of the greatest classical singers of our time, the incredibly talented ...